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My Fitness Journey

Like all good things in life it started when I was in school, I was lucky to have had a good set of friends with whom I used to eat, play cricket and hang out. We weren’t the unruly crowd at school but we did get into quarrels with other guys for trivial reasons. Unfortunately, I was the thinnest guy of the pack which and for my misfortune I found out the hard way that I was the weakest too.

In 8th grade, we were told to meet and greet the boxing team. During this interaction I met the lead guys of the team, they were kind and promised to mentor me if I joined the team.

This kicked off the first phase of my fitness journey although I hadn’t understood the implications of fitness yet. Thanks to my mentors and the judicious 3 days per week practice sessions I ended up winning 2 silver medals at the inter-school level and a silver medal at the State level bouts.

An observation that confounded me at that time but makes sense now is the fact that I would always lose out in the finals.

I was able to get into a good college largely because of my background in boxing as my grades weren’t that great, but I had to pause boxing for a while during college since I was working a few odd jobs, few months without practice I entered the ring on the behest of our college sports teacher, I was knocked out in the first round

After this, I got back to active training with my new coach at college and boxed for another 2 years but life took a different path once I chose to get into the restaurant business, the timings varied and eventually I had to quit boxing practice which I regret but you can’t have it all. I did keep myself fit though, I used to hit the gym sporadically but when I joined the London college I was able to consistently work out with my college friends at the college gym.

I eventually discovered a fitness trainer course in which I enrolled myself.

I cleared the practical test for level 2 certification but missed out on the theory test.

But fitness is a continued effort and not a one-time activity and I am proud to have been working out for the last 8 years although I have had a few minor injuries overall I have acquired a lot of knowledge on fitness and am proud of my journey.

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